n Amaravati Politics


This is a breed & boon political deck usingAmaravati as a star for his ability, then creating a swarm of Assamite with The Embrace and Web of Knives Recruit, bloating with Consanguineous Boon and Haqim's Law: Leadership.

The deck has a rather slow build-up but a high bloat that makes him sturdy. Furthermore, it delivers consistent pool damage with votes on one hand (Reckless Agitation and Kine Resources Contested) and bleed actions on the other hand (either naked bleeds or with the Loss action).

The deck has a strong stealth as O is one of his core disciplines.

Tips & Tricks

During the first half of the game, the deck should focus on breeding and bloating, surviving its predator. Heart of Nizchetus must come in play as early as possible, in order to cycle the aggressive actions for the time being, and Information Highway can speed up this first phase.

Once a dozen Assamite are out, aggressive votes are used to destroy the prey's pool. The Sargon Fragment can be used to fetch Reckless Agitation or Loss back from the ash heap.

Amaravati should be well protected, using Yoruba Shrine and Direct Intervention or sacrificing neonates to counter rush actions.

Alamut should be resplenished as much as possible. Vampires with o are supposed to get some bleed through (even for 1 pool) to get tokens on it fast.


Regarding the decklist example, some other cards can been included:

  • The Uncoiling to defend against Scourge of the Enochians, a common counter against breed decks like this one.
  • The Khabar: Community to help get the neonates bleed through.
  • Perfectionist and/or The Coven to help get some blood back on Amaravati.
  • Some Deflection and Black Sunrise to bump up the defence a bit.
  • There is a Laibon variant to this deck, using more copies of Olugbenga and Kamau Jafari, then replacing The Embrace by the cheaper Bamba. This also allows the use of some good Laibon cards like Kduva's Mask and The Secret Must Be Kept. Riccardo Fabiani's deck at the 2011 Italian Grand Prix is a good example.