C Akunanse Toolbox


This is an Akunanse toolbox deck, using WIF. Depending on the build, it can be a pure wall or use Magaji and include some political cards. The idea is to use the classical big capacity i Intercept combination (Raven Spy, Cat's Guidance, Sense the Savage Way) combined with the excellent w wake/intercept card: Predator's Communion.

The combat module is short-ranged, using Invoking the Beast in combination with Carrion Crows. f provides a welcome damage prevention for more sturdiness.

This is a slow play, slowing down the prey and predator and bloating a bit with Master cards, all the while bleeding when possible with Deep Song and Predator's Mastery.

Tips & Tricks

As Akunanse are Laibon, they have access to some niche cards: Powerbase: Luanda is invaluable for increasing the rush power, Well‑Marked helps with damage mitigation and Shaman is slightly better than a Raven Spy.

f provides the excellent Freak Drive, improving A&B quite a bit.

Combining the big capacity vampires access to Sense the Savage Way with Predator's Communion and Cat's Guidance means every reaction card is a wake of some kind. This makes for a strong wall.

Both Fakir al Sidi and Matata have a +1 strength bonus and a press, a nice combination for the short-ranged combat module.

Creator Insights

Dávid Farkas was kind enough to provide the following insights:

The biggest strenght of the deck are permanency and versatility.

By permanency, I mean that even with 100% hand jam, the deck can function just fine. Fakir al Sidi and Matata can both fight a combat and deal a total of 4 damage without a single card. Permanent intercept is also awesome.

As for versatility, every single intercept reaction is also a form of wake. The fact that Deep Song is both a rush and a bleed means that the deck has an usual lunge potential, as he can bleed for 9 with 3 minions.


Minor variations exist for the combat module, as it can also contain Devil‑Channel: Back and/or Devil‑Channel: Hands.

An original module played by Michael Bartsch in 2015 uses Pack Alpha alongside Duma Rafiki and Elephant Guardian.

Many versions of this deck also include the Abombwe discipline card: as it's a Trifle, hence a cheap card to improve Fakir al Sidi or Sanjo.

The Magaji variant disregards Fakir al Sidi and Matata to use the Magaji Umdava and Nkule Galadima instead. Together with Uchenna, they all can play No Secrets From the Magaji, a powerful addition to the intercept module. Furthermore, this allows the inclusion of some political actions for a bit more versatility. To free some slots up, the bleed power of the deck is toned down. Noel Giménez Infante's deck from the 2012 Spanish ECQ is a good example of this variant.


Pentex™ Subversion has been modified by an errata in September 2019. It does not prevent a vampire to act anymore, so it is less powerful and should probably not be included in the deck anymore.

Villein has been modified by an errata in June 2018 to limit the blood taken to a maximum of 5. It should still be as efficient as ever in this archetype, though.