Z 419 Operation

We are currently working on the analysis of this deck. If you want to lend a hand, we would be more than happy if you could suggest parts of the analysis. Feel free to contact us on our Github.


This is a leeching deck using L to disrupt the bleeds of one's prey. The objective is to reduce the pool of one's prey to 0 using 419 Operation and preventing it to gain the edge using Hide the Heart.

The deck uses low to mid capacity vampires to get the two cards above running as quickly as possible. The rest of the deck is protection against situations that may arise when trying to deal with the prey.

Tips & Tricks

An Osebo Z vampire should get out first to start putting some 419 Operation into play and then a vampire with L is in order to start disrupting the prey's bleeds.

As the game progresses and the number of 419 Operation in play grows, the lunge is at reach but the timing is critical: killing the prey means they will be some blood on the 419 Operation cards and, if the grand-prey can get edge, they can get some of this blood back.

Tournament Version

This deck is a variant from Matus Kovalcik's deck from 2014.