m Anti Ventrue Grinder


Often spelled !Ventrue Grinder (the "!" prefix has been used to denote the antitribu clans for a while), this is a toolbox deck using the Ventrue antitribu clan and their fad disciplines combination.

The idea is to get the highest capacity vampire out, then use Govern the Unaligned at superior D to get more vampires out fast and cheap, then later to bleed with the help of Conditioning and Bonding.

The intercept module uses A for intercept, wakes and bounces, and d for additional bounces with Deflection.

The combat module uses f for damage prevention and Weighted Walking Stick to deal more damage.

The deck is on the slow side, grinding at the opponents blood and pool during the game until it can finally lunge to oust its prey.

Tips & Tricks

Daring the Dawn is kept for the lunge.

The deck has not much stealth, so it uses some powerbleed techniques, like Pentex™ Subversion and Anarch Troublemaker.


There are many small variations to this archetype:

  • The Coven is a rare inclusion: the deck is supposed to grind the blood out of the table, so giving opponents the opportunity to get some back is a bit of a stretch. The Rack is more often seen.
  • The Kiss of Ra, Misdirection and Seduction can be used to help get the bleed through.
  • Abbot, Bowl of Convergence and permanent intercept locations like KRCG News Radio are often included to help with intercept.
  • Ivory Bow and Target Vitals are often seen in the combat module.
  • Freak Drive is sometimes added to increase A&B.
  • The Guns Grinder variant uses Concealed Weapon and guns in the combat module, like in Ravel Zorzal's deck from the 2016 Brazilian NC.

    The Protean Grinder variant uses Lazverinus, Thrall of Lambach and Dylan in the crypt for j, in order to include Claws of the Dead and Earth Meld. Jackson Iribarren's deck won the 2009 SAC with it.

    The Powerbleed variant focuses on bleed more, using only Aura Reading with some f prevention for the combat module. Bob Joseph's deck won the 2018 NAC with it.


    Pentex™ Subversion has been modified by an errata in September 2019. It does not prevent a vampire to act anymore, so it is less powerful . Its ability to disable a strong blocker is still an important aspect so it can have its place here.


    This archetype has been historically successful but did not register significant wins since the latest expansions: it might be less relevant today depending on your meta.