t Anson Guns


This is a toolbox deck starring Anson and using .44 Magnum, hence the name.

Anson should be influenced first, followed by one or more sidekicks depending on the crypt and the overall table situation.

The deck is uses Haven Uncovered and to rush, Second Tradition: Domain for wake and intercept and Concealed Weapon + .44 Magnum with C for combat. Parity Shift can deliver a bit of pool damage and Anson's ability is used to bloat and use recursion with Ashur Tablets.

This version is definitely leaning on the rush side of the build — the payload is reduced to simple bleeds of 1 and a few pool-damage cards linked to combats like Tension in the Ranks, Fame and Dragonbound.

The combat module relies a lot on the synergy between Infernal Pursuit and Ashur Tablets: the first lets you scan through your deck quickly to get the hand you need, while the second let you take back the useful cards in the ash heap and shape your deck depending on the table situation.

Tips & Tricks

The Erciyes Fragments and Powerbase: Montreal are good tools that can be protected using Second Tradition: Domain. It's useful to get at least a second Prince or Justicar out so enough vampires can play it.

One should not hesitate to enter combat with just an Infernal Pursuit in hand: given the number of combat cards and their versatility, the deck is design to play a few of them - even to no effect, just to cycle cards and get a hold of the Concealed Weapon + .44 Magnum combination fast.


The AAA variant uses more Toreador t companions for Anson, especially Alexandra and Anneke, hence the name. Enrico De Stefano's deck from 2019 is a good example.

The deck offers a lot of tinkering possibilities. While this version is focused on combat, you can definitely give it more of a toolbox feeling by changing a few cards around, like in from 2018. Resist Earth's Grasp is very versatile, providing stealth or mobility, and a pair of Kine Resources Contested can help with the oust. Aire of Elation is another possible inclusion here.


Pentex™ Subversion has been modified by an errata in September 2019. It does not prevent a vampire to act anymore, so it is less powerful and should probably not be included in the deck anymore.

Parity Shift has been modified in the September 2019 errata. The amount of pool is no longer equal to the number of Methusalah, but is stable at 3. The card is then less powerful in the game beginning, but is still a good fit in this deck.