d Dominate

d is the most played discipline of the game. It provides an excellent bleed module, good bloat and the best bounce in the game. More than a third of winning decks use this discipline.


played in 880 decks, typically 3-8 copies

It is the best bounce of the game. At superior D, it can be chained multiple times by the same vampire, an incredibly effective defence against even the most severe bleed constructs.


played in 649 decks, typically 2-6 copies

It is the best bleed modifier of the game, and can be associated with Govern the Unaligned for a 6-pool bleed. The ability to use this modifier only after blocks have been declined makes it superior to bleed actions. The 1 blood cost is a bargain.

Govern the Unaligned

played in 641 decks, typically 4-11 copies

An incredibly versatile tool, it helps getting more vampires out for cheap in the beginning of the game, and provides an excruciating bleed later on.


played in 259 decks, typically 1-5 copies

Clearly it dos not have the same impact as Conditioning in terms of pool damage, but the +1 stealth is invaluable for constructs with no alternative discipline for stealth.


played in 258 decks, typically 2-6 copies

An excellent block denial modifier. Well targeted, it can be enough to get a bleed through unopposed. Combined with another block denial modifier, it allows for a pure block denial module that can be used to get actions through without even bothering to use stealth.

Foreshadowing Destruction

played in 229 decks, typically 1-3 copies

An excellent lunge device, it has the same pool damage as a Conditioning at no cost, provided the prey is low enough in pool. Having both modifiers in hand can be a good way to get around a Direct Intervention, as the modifier countered this way can not be used again during the same action, but another can.


played in 173 decks, typically 1-4 copies

An alternative to Deflection with no cost, it is only used when D is always at superior in the crypt. Even then, Deflection is still often preferred because it can be chained multiple times.

Far Mastery

played in 138 decks, typically 1-2 copies

An excellent action to get rid of cumbersome retainers and, more importantly, allies. The 1 blood cost is a bargain.