The Imbued have a special place in the game: they are not vampires, but mortal allies. They are organised in creeds instead of clans, and have virtues instead of disciplines. Their bizarre handling and specific ruleset makes them unique, and they have given birth to their own Hunters archetype.

They have a unique access to Powers (an easy inclusion as they are fetched at +1 stealth with unlock) and Convictions cards (all three played in imbued decks as they stack and have no downside).


Second Sight

played in 63 decks, typically 3-8 copies

The most played Conviction. Usually all three Conviction cards are played in imbued decks, but Béatrice is often added to vampire crypts for additional bleed, and all she really needs is this Conviction for a bit of stealth.

React with Conviction

played in 61 decks, typically 3-6 copies

This is usually the first Conviction any Imbued fetches when he comes into play, as it protects them against anti-ally actions like Entrancement.

Strike with Conviction

played in 61 decks, typically 3-8 copies

An excellent Conviction that boosts combat or bleed depending on the need. As it is a Conviction, it can be used every turn and come back into play during the unlock phase.

Béatrice "Oracle171" Tremblay

played in 14 decks, typically 1-3 copies

A good bleeding minion for just 3 pool, she gets included in vampire crypts to help with the bleed, as her ability makes her impractical in Imbued crypts. Helped by a Second Sight for stealth, she becomes an interesting minion.

Jennie "Cassie247" Orne

played in 50 decks, typically 2-3 copies

Her ability is the cornerstone of most Imbued decks. Not only can the Imbued come back from Incapacity (their version of torpor) with only two Convictions instead of three, they can also do so during any turn. As Imbued are fragile, this additional protection is welcome.

Angel of Berlin

played in 50 decks, typically 3-6 copies

A versatile out-of-turn Master. It can be used as a wake, but also as a way to bring equipment into play without being blocked. As Imbued do not get so much stealth, this is a real asset to gear them up.

The Church of Vindicated Faith

played in 49 decks, typically 1-2 copies

A decent bloating device for Imbued decks, it is included in most of them, sometimes in multiple copies.

The Crusader Sword

played in 45 decks, typically 1 copy

A powerful weapon only Imbued can wield. It gets included in most Imbued decks.

Travis "Traveler72" Miller

played in 44 decks, typically 2-3 copies

His virtues are useful and his ability is an excellent bloat device, so he gets included in many Imbued decks.

François "Warden" Loehr

played in 44 decks, typically 1-2 copies

Good virtues for a decent price, his ability is also quite nice as it deters rush actions against him.


played in 44 decks, typically 3-5 copies

Jewel of the Justice virtue, the combination of drive and wake effects makes for a very nice bonus in A&B.

Jack "Hannibal137" Harmon

played in 43 decks, typically 1-2 copies

Excellent virtues with a good combat ability, he gets included in most Imbued decks.


played in 40 decks, typically 2-4 copies

Second excellent Justice power after Vigilance, it explains why the Justice virtue is the most played among Imbued. Combined with The Unmasking, it transforms the Imbued in excellent blockers.


played in 40 decks, typically 2-4 copies

This regeneration ability makes any Imbued with the Defense virtue quite sturdy. As Imbued can not hunt, this is one of the few ways they can get some life back.


played in 34 decks, typically 2-5 copies

The only bounce Imbued can use against bleeds, it is easy to include as Jennie has the Visionary virtue. It can also be used to cancel an action on the prey side, so it is very versatile.


played in 31 decks, typically 1-2 copies

Another good Defense power, as it can be used to "block" bleeds without even needing intercept. The Conviction cost is a bit high, but the threat of it alone can slow down an aggressive predator.